Terapia de Biorresonancia Quántica y D.H. Dr. Eduardo González Coeto
Terapia de Biorresonancia Quántica y D.H.            Dr. Eduardo González Coeto

Quantum Bioresonance Therapy & H.D.


"Overall, nine-tenths of our happiness is based on health."

Arthur Schopenhauer

"Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.

Then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn't enjoy the present: the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived."

Dalai Lama

The SCIO Bioresonance Therapy is more natural because it works with the person's own information

"... it is possible to activate a healing response from within. The human body has evolved over hundreds of millions of years to host an extraordinary intelligence, the intelligence of the human body,
and this intelligence is the supreme genius which mirrors the wisdom of the universe.

The human body can be considered an exquisite natural pharmacy. Our body is capable of producing
amazing drugs, tranquilizers, sedatives, immunomodulators and antihypertensives.
These are substances that the body can synthesize in the way and time of the organ needs. There are no side effects and it comes with the package leaflet.
packaging that is within you. This was the era I called quantum healing ..."

Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Take care of your health! Remember that what your mouth does not say, your body will scream.


Help you stay healthy and balance harmoniously your physical, mental and emotional energy for a better quality in all aspects of your life.

Personalized service when you need it.

It is important to trust the professionals who will assist you in the most
delicate moments of your life and that requires that they have experience and values.

In the course of our lives, sometimes we run into difficulties that prevent us from living the way we want, which generates suffering and emotional distress.

It is in these circumstances that you should consider professional help and contact a trusted psychotherapist.

Although this is not considered a normal process, complications occur when seeking aid from friends, books or just trying to fix the situation on your own, which results in the situation worsening.

What is needed at this moment is to find a person, a professional who can accompany you through this difficult process.

Bioresonance Therapy Quantum and DH involve personal intervention of Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez Coeto who is a highly qualified and an experienced professional in this field. His method of work is based on three pillars: ethical values, trust and personalized treatment. He has also developed his own protocols, based on experience and results with the people he treat.

What is Bioresonance Quantum Therapy?

 It is a personal and individual place in time where the patient shares his experience with his therapist in order to review, understand and resolve situations that cannot be resolved by other people.

The goal of the therapist is to help the individual to overcome his emotional conflicts and realize what aspects of his life need to be resolved.

Should I stop my medical treatment or other natural treatment?

NO, this therapy is not intended to replace any medical or natural treatment. Although it is a powerful ally for recovery and convalescence, especially in medical, psychological, rehabilitation,
osteopathic and dental procedures.

How does this therapy work?

In our therapy, we accompany the patients, help them solve their problems creatively and efficiently, make them understand the mechanisms that have been in their mind, learn to consciously not use them. Therefor avoids relapsing into the same difficulties by repeating their mistakes, and they can achieve a healthy and satisfying life.

SCIO uses the same principles of homeopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, floral treatments, naturopathy, bioenergetics chromatherapy and many others, all in one session.

How long is a therapy session?

Sessions are approximately one hour long, but may take longer, depending on what you are
going to solve, the depth of the problem that you have, and responsiveness of each.

What is the treatment process?

Sessions are working in complementary phases. While using SCIO bioresonance equipment as
therapy, the therapist keeps explaining to the patient what is appearing in the analysis as a psychotherapeutic process. If necessary, some physical exercises or relaxation can be integrated in the therapy to make them understand their inner world. Different techniques may be applied, depending on each person's needs.

How often do I need a therapy session?

You usually start once a week, for a severe case. However, after the first session the response of analysis on screen allows to calculate how often and how many sessions will be needed. Coming
regularly to the sessions, as recommended by the therapist, will allow faster recovery, and then the session will be spaced. 
It is very important to maintain a steady pace at first for therapy to be effective.

Why should I have this therapy?

Changing bad habits and unhealthy behaviors is not easy because everyday we repeat our
behavioral paradigms, which are responsible for our personal conflicts. In order to make changes, we need to understand and ingest them and process the different stages for the emergence of a real transformation, and adapt a new paradigm of healthier living.

How is the therapy done?

Usually, the patient sits in a comfortable chair. One electrode is placed on each wrist and ankles; another electrode is placed on the forehead. These are connected to an interface between the patient and the computer program, very similar to an electrocardiogram.

is a powerful computer program reviewing several important aspects of the person, including: An electromagnetic calibration, adjustment of 14000 in frequency, electrical measurement and diagnostic.

How reliable are the SCIO values ​​?

They are quite reliable, up to 90% accuracy and reliability in respect to the values ​​that can be measured with other machines, equipment and even some analytical values.

However it is not able to specifically search some of the diseases that require specific and thorough study. That requires the intervention of other medical diagnostic methods.

What other supplements are derived from this therapy?

Apart from making a diagnosis, through electromagnetic frequencies resonant value in ohms, this therapy adjusts harmoniously the information of a situation which the body understands at cellular level.

In order not to repeat old patterns and adjust their ​​fully electromagnetic values, a bottle of drops, to take three times a day, is given to the patient. It is not a drug, nor can be considered as homeopathic, it will work just as a reminder, so that the body does not repeat its old operating paradigm and adjusts to the new alignment resonant frequencies.

How long do the benefits of therapy last?

It depends on the quality of life each person will have after time of therapy. If a person does shift from a paradigm of bad habits to new healthier habits and lifestyle, the res lt of therapy will remain for a long time.

Though it is recommended, after you are discharged, to resume therapy every three months, at changing seasons.

If the person can not avoid living in the midst of a life with much oxidative stress or after a chronic degenerative disease, the recommendation is to make therapy a month after reaching the high.

For what cases do you recommend this therapy?  

It is very effective to regulate emotional disorders, depressions of all kinds, anxiety, mood swings, panic, fears, phobias, aggressive personality, etc...

Hormonaldisorders: impotence, frigidity, menopause, andropause, etc.

Mental disorders: progressive memory loss, loss of attention, some personality disorders and bipolar problems.

Sleep disorders such as insomnia, hiposomnias, hypersomnia, parasomnias, etc.

Digestive disorders: food intolerance, poor nutrition, chronic indigestion, overweight, food addiction, anorexia and bulimia.

Energy Disorders: acute fatigue, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Some types of: allergies, asthma, dermatitis and alopecia.

Excellent in controlling anti-aging, rejuvenation generally effective because it works thoroughly the microcellular therapy.

Eliminate Addictions of all kinds as snuff, alcohol, drugs, etc...

It regulates and corrects electromagnetic disturbances: Caused by artificial radiation, microwave, wi-fi, phone, electricity (electro smog) and all geopathies.

It is effective to enhance performance for all types of athletes of high, medium and low impact.

This is an excellent control therapy overall health.

It is a great ally in medical, psychological, rehabilitation, osteopathic and dental.


Culture of Health

It is clear that we have a culture of health. When we are sick, it is the doctor who takes care of us, heals us and helps prevent certain diseases. But health is our responsibility.

Since it is very difficult to control many aspects and values ​​that our body, mind, emotions and energy use, it is necessary to rely on a system that can effectively cover the control of our health.

SCIO bioresonance therapy may control and monitor our health.

I only go to the doctor when I feel bad

Today people are looking for a better quality of life, which translates to not getting sick, have energy, greater personal development, better relationships, more productivity and a joy to live.

When you get sick not only you waste time but also wellness, disease sequelae and with age, life is not the same. We realize that this translates into a decline and degeneration.

Taking care of our health is like taking a daily maintenance, without obsession, but with awareness that health is fundamental for better living.  

Control and Monitoring

It means checking regularly to see that you have a record of monitoring and indices of health status.

Our Bioresonance Therapy is based on forging bonds of trust between patient and therapist, working together, where everyone plays their part, to begin the path of speedy recovery of health.

Thus, the data provided by the patient are contrasted rigorously. Given the complexity to dealing with all the difficulties of a person, always rely on the collaboration of specialists in different fields.

After raising a hypothesis about the possible causes of the problem, guidance is defined for providing the therapy. We always keep in mind the assumption that our success is based on: the trust and confidence between therapist and patient.

The type of situation evoked by the patients and their personal characteristics determine the therapeutic modality that will be applied and their results.

Learn about our therapies and discover the pillars on which our treatments are based.

Therapeutic Methods

Our purpose is not to cure, but to balance and maintain a harmonious health.

"We activate our internal doctor”

We harmonize the biophysical information + emotional + mental + energy + the nutritional supplementation.

The fundamental principle of our therapy is based on the fact that all people require a harmonious bond with integrating our physical, mental, emotional and energetic interaction with the biological environment that is the field of intercommunication in which we operate.

Quantum physics states that our reality is not based on matter and energy but on information, and that it determines our relationship with everything we perceive.

We have information that is stored in our cellular memory since we are conceived until now, and that information can often be out of adjustment, disharmonizing and unbalancing our lives. It is
essential that information be reorganized harmoniously; your body reminded how
to be healthy again, taught another way to regain our state of feeling good.

SELF-REGULATION and homeostasis

The nature of our body is self-regulated and it warns us only when we need to perform the actions necessary to compensate for a change in normality. For example, "When we're cold, the body sends signals to our body sensors making us feel we need to cover.’

Homeostasis is a self clearing mechanism, which acts as the messenger of our body, using
the example above, "... we can not cover ourselves from the cold", then the body begins to consume its own calories to avoid a cold.

Homeostasis is a self clearing mechanism, which acts as the messages of our body are not
served, using the example above, "... we can not cover us from the cold", then the body begins to consume its own calories to avoid a cold.

These two mechanisms are the body's own and allow us to self-cure and not lose the harmonious balance, although sometimes we lose them for different reasons.

In this third dimension in which we live, we have a biological body, organically interacting with the environment and requiring nutritional intake to function properly. This input gives us nature in the form of nutrients and cannot be supplied as frequency information, it should be consumed in a balanced and nutritious way.

However, with the kind of life that we have acquired in these times, we lose contact with nature, starting with consumption of unnatural foods, complex molecular compositions that our body does not identify and try to discard like a foreign body, often without success, accumulating it in different ways in our system, intoxicating, congesting our cells and generating multiple health

Besides all this, today we meet new challenges with increasingly complex risks. They are becoming a major health problem and are starting to attract the attention of WHO and the various departments of Health of some developed countries. Such issue as toxic dioxins, super dioxins, heavy metals pollution and the very grave electro smog contamination, has invaded our lives and begin to be very disturbing.

(see video http://asanacem.blogspot.com.es/2009/04/coloquio-en-el-senado-frances.html)

But what is the most serious of all, so far, remains the oxidative stress, that attacks and consumes our cells from within and can even alter the information in our DNA, making us aging very quickly.

With oxidative stress we mean High unbalanced emotional states such as anxiety, fear, worry, depression, sadness, uncertainty, nervousness, etc...

For that reason our therapy integrates various aspects at once: Gestalt Psychotherapy, harmonization and Nutrition Natural Cell Bioresonance.

Learn about our therapies and discover the pillars on which our treatments are based.


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